Hallet, Davis Uprights
Now available from Luke Piano, new Hallet and Davis uprights. These are good copies of the traditional Japanese commercial uprights.
Please call for pricing...its less than a used Yamaha upright!

Made by Dong Bei of China.


                    Yamaha Uprights
 I can provide a near new Yamaha YU-1 for a very substantial savings. Please call 303-523-9538 for details and pricing. A 5-8 year old studio is about $5000. Delivered with a new bench. I have had a very difficult time locating these pianos from the Japanese wholesale company I have worked with for over 10 years. I fear the depressed economy has affected the cost of these used pianos. I will continue to try and locate these pianos, however my quality standards will remain as they always have. The piano needs to flawless, and under 10 years old.



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